Monday, 2 January 2017

Why SumBunneh? (About ME!)

SumBunneh... what a strange name for a blog... but it is also the name of my creative adventures. It came from something my best friend said to me when I was trying to think up a name for my FB page 2 years ago... he said to get a handmade card you really have to be somebody special... only true to our unique friendship where we spell things phonetically (or just plain silly to anyone but us) he wrote "sumbunneh" special. I loved that idea... that I'd be making cards for SumBunneh special... so the name stuck.

I should explain that I love bunnies.. and all of the cards I make have a punched bunny on the back of them... or a bunneh if you follow... so that also helped the name to stick.

I have always loved making things... and have always loved the notion that things made specifically for somebody also carry the gift of time and thought and love.

My primary craft is card making... although I do also dabble in other crafts at times... card making is the craft I always come back to... and where the majority of my craft pennies go (when I have pennies to spare).

I love stamping, texture paste with stencils, and am learning background techniques to enhance my creativity. I may have a slight addiction to Visible Image stamps  (you will see them often) and also enjoy the chaos of Brushos.

I don't often colour... but when I do, I tend to use glittery watercolours, gel pens or chalks. I still don't own alcohol markers... but I did recently purchase some distress crayons... I can't wait to try them :)

My chalks are my most prized craft possession.  My Dad (who left them to me when he passed many years ago) was a jack of many trades... including ceramics teacher... so had beautiful chalks which he used a lot... I hope to use them more this year too.

As for little old me?
Well, my name is Erika, but many people call me Riki.

I work full time as a secretary and "babysit" a team of around 50 people, mostly maritime engineers or consultants.

I am married (for almost 18 years now) and have 3 gorgeous cats.. who I am certain you will meet many times along the blog.

I also help run an adult only bring your own craft club on Thursday evenings at my local community centre.

So now you know a little more about SumBunneh... but if you are curious about anything else, drop me a comment and I will answer you if I can :)


  1. Welcome to blogland Erika


  2. Lovely craft room! Welcome to WOYWW! You'll love it here! Happy blogging! zsuzsa #25

    1. Thank you so much.. I have already seen some beautiful things and great workspaces and ideas.

      I am so lucky to have a whole room all for crafts.. I will never move :)