Thursday, 19 January 2017

Chattys -II- Organised Chaos

Tonight was the second session of Chatty Crafters, the adult only bring your own craft club I help run at our local Community Centre. This week our numbers were up to 5... I keep hoping we will grow bigger... to make us sustainable.

This week, I was making a commissioned card (my craft piggy is empty and everyone is bringing out cool new products)... one of two I made for the same lady for her daughter and her partner's son. I am not sure when actual birthdays are to show you the final cards.. but I will ask!

Organised chaos
As you can imagine, crafting somewhere other than your usual space has additional challenges.. like trying to fit everything into a backpack that isn't too heavy.. or realising you can't finish something because you don't have the die cut letters you need... and most of all.. balancing what you did bring into some sort of organised chaos to work from but also to be able to tidy it all back up and into your backpack before closing the Community Centre and walking home again.

Still.. I'd not trade it.. I get inspired playing with people even when they are crocheting or cross stitching.. and it gives me a focus to get on and craft and not be distracted by hubby or cats or TV... or blogs!

Speaking of which... blog time is over... bedtime is here x


  1. Hi Sunn! Thank's for stopping in. I love the idea of a craft club - I just hate to leave my house LOL. But if it is something you enjoy, then go for it! yes, tis the season for new products. I'm going into the city this week and am setting a spending limit. Wish me luck! LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly #41

  2. Enjoy your crafty hunt... I have loads I want but my craft pig is empty... alas.. I will wait lol