Wednesday, 8 February 2017

WOYWW -VI- Inky Messy

Hi all...
Welcome back to another thrilling instalment of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.. brought to you today by Brushos and paint and a Gelli plate...ohh and bubble wrap... also known as Inky Messy!

Last week my desk was naked as I had finished my projects and was too tired to start anything new. Little did I realise that I had caught a bad cold in Aberdeen and would be spending most of a couple of days in bed... I crawled out of bed for a bit on Friday.. but only to my lazy boy chair.. and struggled shopping on Saturday. Sunday was lazy and I was grateful to have Monday as leave (waiting in for the boiler guy to fix the thingie)...

I found out that I had won a Visible Image competition with the card I had made for Cat's birthday.. yay for £25 gift voucher... so I decided to make some backgrounds.. as seen below.

Inky Messy
Photo taken last night... but I forgot all about posting and even finishing writing oops!

Anyway... have a great week all x

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

WOYWW - V - 400th edition

Hi all,
Firstly, I owe you all and apology for not visiting or even answering comments last week.. I hope to rectify the comments later today (if I can) and will be visiting blogs when I can. I am mostly writing this because I didn't want to miss out on WOYWW400!

The weekend in Aberdeen was so very fast and fun... and just the distraction I needed.

There is no photo of my desk today as nothing new is there from last week. I finished the photo album and all of the cards I was working on have arrived so I will show them instead.

Final paw print card

Card for music loving Will who turned 21

Card for mental health nursing student Fran for her 23rd birthday

Card for a new friend Chris who asked for Navy, White and Grey.

That's my post for today... feel free to read below if you want to know why I've nothing started this week...

Have a good week... and happy 400th WOYWW!

The truth is, I spent most of yesterday at Southampton University Hospital in Nuclear Medicine having a Sestamibi Spect CT scan to assess my parathyroid glands which have gone rogue and are causing all sorts of problems for me... including pain, fatigue and worse of all,  confusion. Each of these have been growing progressively worse since I was diagnosed in November.

Parathyroid glands control the body's calcium and phosphorous levels, and I have been undergoing loads of tests and scans to understand how this is affecting me and the test yesterday should hopefully help localise where the glands are and which of the 4 are over producing PHT with the likelihood being a need for those to be surgically removed. I see my endocrinologist at the end of February for all of the results.

Hopefully I will understand more soon and can start looking forward to getting better.

Thanks for reading x